11 Quick things you should know about Nosara Beach Costa Rica

Are you coming to Nosara beach Costa Rica but you have no idea what you are getting yourself into? Don’t worry about it. I have you cover.

If you googled Nosara, it means someone told you about this place or Google gave you a hint when you typed “a heaven-like land.”  Nosara host visitors from all over the world and each one is looking for something similar: their inner peace. Yes, here’s where you find it.

But if you are having doubts because you have never been to Costa Rica, these are 11 things you should know about Nosara:

  1. Geography: Nosara is a coastal village located on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, in Guanacaste. It’s about 100 miles from the capital, San Jose. And it’s between the beaches Samara and Tamarindo.
  2. People: The population around Nosara beach Costa Rica is about 5.000 people. The Costa Rican people are called “Ticos” and they are the friendliest group of people you can find. They are helpful and kind.
  3. Yoga: Yoga is a big deal in Nosara. Starting the day with a Yoga session is almost a ritual for visitors and locals. At Hotel Olas Verdes we host several classes a week. Book now and ask for the schedule.
  4. Surfing: As much as yoga is an important part, surfing is the number one activity in Nosara. People travel to this spot mostly because the swell is excellent all year round. There are many surfing schools for those who have never jumped on a board before. It’s a surfing paradise for those with experience as well as for the rookies.
  5. Activities for kids: many people travel to Nosara to have a family vacation. However, whenever the adults want, perhaps, some free time, they will find Nosara offers a lot of activities for kids. The most famous is the one-day camp where kids meet other kids and have a blast throughout the day.
  6. Cafes and Restaurants: There are international and local cuisine in every corner of Nosara beach Costa Rica. If you are looking for Italian, Mexican, Japanese or any other international food, you will probably find it. The Costa Rican cuisine is also delicious.
  7. So many Fruits: One of the things that make Nosara special is the number of fruits that will find here; all of them from local farmers and entirely natural.
  8. Security: Nosara is a place where you will inhale peace. Locals will treat you well, and they are used to hosting visitors.
  9. Roads and transportation: The streets in Nosara are unpaved and very dusty during the dry season. How to get to Nosara? The best idea is to arrange a shuttle when coming from the airport. Around town, you can rent bicycles, ATVs and golf carts, as well as 4×4 vehicles.
  10. Money: Every shop, restaurant or supermarket will take Colones (local currency) or US dollars. Most restaurants and hotels accept credit cards, but many tour operators and vendors take cash only.
  11. Hotels: Olas Verdes boutique Hotel Costa Rica is ready to host you with your friends and family. Contact Us. We welcome you to one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful destinations, and believe me, there are plenty.

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