7 Reasons Olas Verdes Hotel is Aligned with Environmental Sustainability

Olas Verdes Hotel is more than just a boutique hotel in Costa Rica. It goes beyond that, and we are very proud of it. We care deeply about the environmental sustainability around Nosara.

Aside from providing a great place to stay, we took a stand to help keeping the area unspoiled by unsustainable tourism growth. We also share with our visitors that conservation is part of our way of life. Contact Us.

But how do we do it?

Solar Energy: Our solar PV and hot water systems provide over 20% of our annual energy demand. The architect of the Olas Verdes Hotel used passive solar design to minimize the hotel’s energy loads. Natural ventilation and shading keep you fresh while our efficient lighting and appliances keep you comfortable.

We are proud to say our boutique hotel in Costa Rica uses nearly 100% clean energy.

Recycling: Why waste it when it can be reused? The food leftovers are sent to a local pig farm; recyclables are separated and shipped to the Nosara Recycling Center. We also use only biodegradable cleaning and bathroom products.

Economy: Olas Verdes Hotels employs only locals. We look forward to seeing our community improving by hiring the right people in Nosara.

Water: we have 14,000 liters of rainwater storage plus three waster water system plants and use the recycled water for irrigation.  Our staff as well is committed to water conservation and we have achieve great results.

Culture: Our suites are decorated with representative items of the culture from five regions of Costa Rica. Our primary goal is for you to learn and enjoy while you make memories and new friends.

Saving trees: Nosara is a rich biodiverse region but at the same time is very fragile. To help preserve it and reduce our impact, we removed less than 10% of the trees when building our boutique hotel in Costa Rica and have planted over 100 trees that are helping to regenerate the micro-ecosystem. We also support the Costas Verdes BarriGuiones Reforestation Project.

Landscaping: We have over 130 different native species of plants at the Olas Verdes Hotel facilities. They need little or no water during the dry season, do not require toxic fertilizers or herbicides to survive, and provide and exotic and fresh atmosphere for humans and the best possible shelter for birds, monkeys and other animals. The crew in our hotel is well prepared to give the time and care they require. The vegetation around blends into the wildlife refuge, so it’s important for us that every product we use is 100% natural and doesn’t harm the animals.

We encourage you to visit us and take a chance to live the Olas Verde’s Experience. Nosara, Costa Rica is not just a destination is a mindset.

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