Ngäbe & Boruca Luxury Suites

These suites represent the southern Pacific tip of Costa Rica with two of the nation’s most distinct indigenous cultures. If views of the wildlife refuge don’t take your breath away, then the decor in the suites will. Blue and yellow accents throughout your Luxury Suite complement the traditional dresses, enaguas, worn by Ngäbe women. Adorned with geometric patterns, these dresses represent mountains, animal teeth, and the flow of a river.

  • Bedrooms have a queen bed and a single bed
  • Bathroom with solar heated water
  • A/C in bedrooms; Big Ass Fans® in bedrooms and living rooms
  • Wet bar and couch with pull out bed in the living rooms
  • Coffee machine, toaster oven, safety box, and mini fridge

    These are the masks that the Boruca warriors, Diablitos, wore during battle. Rent all four Luxury Suites if you’re feeling lucky (or have a big family)—the number four represents good fortune in their religion.

    The Boruca Tribe is represented on the second level with a full spectrum of colorful and patterned face masks mounted on the living room walls.