Costa Rica’s growing popularity has been well documented in recent years, drawing more and more visitors annually. Whereas Costa Rica generally attracts nature lovers and adventure seekers, it’s a good idea to “do the research” when planning your dream vacation. Nosara is a unique destination shaped by surf and yoga enthusiasts who flock here from around the world. The most significant defining feature is the protected “green zone” fronting all of Nosara’s spectacular beaches. In 1981 the Costa Rican government created the Ostional Turtle Refuge granting national refuge status to land within the maritime zone (all land within 200 meters of the high tide line). The Nosara Civic Association was created in 1975 with its mission to watch over the protection and conservation of the flora and fauna of the region and restrict beachfront development. The result is a natural pristine beachfront paradise!

Simple living in Nosara Costa Rica

Visitors to Nosara will experience a bounty of the area’s natural resources; surfing, yoga, kayaking, horseback riding, zip-lining, and beach-combing. Olas Verdes provides all the amenities you’ll need to enjoy our paradise, but we have made conscious commitments to preserve the natural feel and flow of the environment. For example, we do not provide beach chairs and umbrellas for guests, as there are palm ranchos and trees to relax under on the beach. Sustainability is a major focus of our hotel as well. In addition to structural and operational sustainable features and practices, Olas Verdes puts great emphasis into cultural sustainability. Each building of the hotel is assigned a distinctive “décor palette” corresponding with a different geographical region in Costa Rica, which incorporates the art, colors, fabrics, furnishings, and flavor of its representative area.



The hotel is committed to full-circle recycling, and instead of throwing things away we source reusable outlets whenever possible. For example, Olas Verdes donates its older sheets and towels to the community, and Restaurante El Manglar has a unique system wherein they donate all their kitchen scraps to a local farmer who uses them to feed his pigs. In return he provides the restaurant with fruits, vegetables, and pork.  Guests are encouraged to take the hotel’s sustainability tour to learn about our many innovative systems and practices. If you have any questions to insure a Nosara vacation is the “right fit” for you and your family, please contact us by email and will we will promptly reply.  We look forward to your visit, Pura Vida!

Nosara is NOT Acapulco!




This is Nosara


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