The Power of (SALT) Water

A few months ago, while manning the Safari Surf School office on my Sunday morning shift, my eyes were drawn to three gals in pink Safari women’s rashguards. They were giggling as they selected surfboards. “Hey that’s Ines, Yuli, and Diana”, I realized, and I went out to greet them. Turns out they have a little girls surf club going on and they are happy as clams learning to surf together in the early morning hours. Ok, so what’s so unique about that? My subsequent interviews with them led to the title of this blog. What I find fascinating is that all three of these lovely chicas came to work here knowing nothing about surfing. Coming from “city backgrounds” they all found their way to the Playa Guiones seeking employment. In the process they discovered this magical thing called surfing!


Assistant Manager Safari Surf School

Ines grew up in the small mountainous town of Hojancha, known for its agriculture, coffee, and cattle. Located near Nicoya, Hojancha was initially inhabited by the Chorotega Indigenous tribe who occupied the Nicoya Peninsula in the pre-Colombian era. Ines studied English and computer science at the INA (Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje), a multi-branch vocational school in Costa Rica. She came to Nosara three years ago and worked at 506 and Robins Ice Cream. “When Jeffrey offered me a job at Safari Surf School I was sooo excited” she remembers. “I knew nothing about surfing or the ocean, but I knew it was special and important to many people who come here just to surf.  I wanted to learn more about it, so I decided to take a board out and teach myself. Then Yuli and Diana joined me and we have our little group! Surfing energizes me and brings me closer to nature and encourages a healthy lifestyle”. Ines has become a valuable addition to the Safari Surf School staff and has greatly contributed to the development of the Women’s Retreat program, social media, and photography production.


Reception & Customer Service Olas Verdes

Yuliana is from Heredia, central part of Costa Rica. She studied public relations for two years at Universidad Latina and then had the opportunity to live in Tampa Florida. “I worked there in an employment agency as a receptionist. The U.S. is amazing; organized and so many choices. But I felt smothered by the fast pace of life and focus on material achievement”. She moved to Nosara two years ago seeking “a more natural existence”. After working at Harmony as a receptionist she learned about a job opening at Olas Verdes. She now works the ‘front desk’ as receptionist and customer service representative. “I love to work with people”, she says. “It is a blessing to be able to show them the beauty of the hotel and our surrounding natural environment. I love to see everyone smiling and having wonderful vacation here”. Yuli started surfing on her own when she first arrived in Nosara, but she really fell in love with it when she started working at Olas Verdes. “I love surfing with Ines and Diana. We are all at the same level and just have so much fun doing it together. There is nothing like the feeling you get after getting a good wave! The ocean makes you feel relaxed, clean, and spiritual. I always feel energized when after surfing, I love the salt on my skin”!


Admin. Assistant Olas Verdes

Diana grew up in Nicoya and attended National University in Liberia where she studied tourism business with a focus on accounting, human resources and housekeeping supervision. Her studies led to employment in an all-inclusive resort located in the Gulf of Papagayo, two hours north of Nosara. “The resort was kind of “boutique-fancy” where people came to go to the spa and be waited on”, Diana reflects, “and the ocean there has no waves!” “I saw a post online where Olas Verdes was advertising for an administrative assistant. To me this represented a big opportunity, but I was also scared because I has never done anything like moving to an unfamiliar place by myself. I decide to make a trip there to check it out and absolutely fell in love with Nosara!
When I took the job, Luis, the general manager of Olas Verdes, gave me an orientation and told me that a very big part of this area is surfing; people come from all over the world to do it and that I should try it! Imagine your new boss telling you to go surfing! So, I started last December on my own and took a few beginner lessons. Now I am hooked! Surfing makes me feel refreshed, alive, happy, and in the moment. When I am in the ocean I forget everything else on land, my responsibilities, car troubles, etc. Whenever I can start the day with surfing it is a GOOD DAY!”

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