The Abuelitos’ Corner


July 2017

Greetings Friends!

Welcome to the 1st edition of ‘Abuelito’s Corner’!

I was asked by Olas Verdes general manager if I would write a monthly column for the hotel “to add some “personality, life, and movement” to the website. For sure! We have decided to call it ‘Abuelito’s Corner’.
“Who/What is an abuelito?” Abuelito is Spanish for ‘grandfather’. It is used affectionately down here, as Costa Ricans have strong family values and bonds. El Abuelito is also looked upon as being a ‘tribal elder’, one who has gained wisdom, perspective, and respect through many years of life.The gang at Safari Surf School (located on-site at Olas Verdes) started calling me ‘Abuelito’, and I guess it kind of stuck!I am a 65 year old life-long surfer of American descent (born in New Jersey). My 50+ years of non-stop surfing has exposed me to many beautiful people, places, and things. I moved to Nosara with my wife and three dogs in 2008. We were “looking for the seventies” I like to say. Essentially we sold everything in the states and ‘traded one life for another’.

A Surfing Life spanning 50 years!


Playa Guiones 2014

I met Tim Marsh, owner of Safari on the local zipline adventure and we quickly discovered we shared many mutual experiences and friends in the surfing world. Tim persuaded me to come to work for him and I started driving the van and greeting guests. That was seven years ago. In that time I’ve seen Nosara change and grow.

Olas Verdes enjoys a marvelous cooperative collaboration with on-site Safari Surf School. Safari opened for business some 16 years ago in its original location at Casa Tucan. The sale of the property prompted Tim Marsh to seek another location, and he found a private home bordering the wildlife refuge where we ran the surf school for two years. Upon discovering that the surrounding vacant land was ‘available’, Tim set the wheels in motion to find investors to purchase the land and build a hotel. “Dream Big” Tim would say.

In December of 2015 Olas Verdes Hotel opened its doors to the public. Touted as the world’s first L.E.E.D. Platinum rated hotel in the world, the project has received wide acclaim for its innovative design and management approach. General Manager Luis Pardo has been at the helm of this noteworthy operation since its inception. Imbedded within the hotel, on-site partners Safari Surf School and Restaurant El Manglar work together to provide an unforgettable vacation experience for our guests.

In future posts Abuelito’ Corner will feature a wide variety of topics including employee profiles, sustainability, local history and myths, Nosara news and developments, surf stories, etc.

We all look forward to meeting you in person.

Pura Vida!!