The Pursuit of Excellence


Since its grand opening two years ago (November 2015!) I have enjoyed watching the growth and evolution of Olas Verdes. Much credit goes to General Manager Luis Pardo, whose high standards and pursuit of excellence in quality, cleanliness, sustainability, and spirit are evident throughout the hotel and restaurant operation.


In January 2017, Luis contacted his old friend Fernando Quevedo in hopes of enticing him to participate in the development and quality enhancement of the hotel’s on-site Restaurant El Manglar. Fernando is no rookie when it comes to hospitality industry experience. Known as “Dr. Restaurant”, he brings thirty-eight years of hotel and restaurant study and field experience to his endeavor as a consultant. Luis and Fernando are quite a pair together; I call them “The Sultans of Excellence”.


The beautiful part of this story is the vision of owners.  From the beginning they established an atmosphere that stressed quality, creativity, taste, sustainability, and team building as the cornerstones of the project. They encouraged and fostered Safari Surf School food service veterans Alycia and Maritza to come on board as operators and eventual owners of the restaurant. Both gals bring over 12 years of local experience in food preparation and service to the endeavor and the opportunity they have embraced is a dream come true for them.


With Fernando and Luis’ guidance the girls have been exposed to new horizons of food service standards. They have attended symposiums, food service expos, menu seminars and tastings, organic farm-to table tours, and endless hours of in-house study and training in all things restaurant, service, and hospitality.


Team building and enrichment is not always confined to the workplace. Recently Alicia and Maritza took the whole crew on an adventure trek to Rincon de la Vieja National Park for a day of ziplining, river rafting, horseback riding, dining, and fellowship.


The results are evident the moment you step into the restaurant. Color, class, service, amazing food, and ambience abound in the table settings, lighting, fresh flowers, menu selections, food presentation, and friendly knowledgeable staff.


Come see for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!


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