March 24, 2021

Family Spring Break in Nosara Costa Rica

By Peter "abuelito" Lewis

What impressions come to mind when you hear the phrase “Spring Break”? The general perception may respond with reflections centered around college life in North America: Beach Parties, loud music, drinking games, dancing, volleyball, bikinis.

Nosara Day Camp

In contrast, The Nosara Day Camp in Playa Guiones says it all with this photo! The true essence of the event is about honoring the arrival of the spring season. And yes, Nosara is a renowned family destination, where kids have all the fun.

Technically speaking, in the Northern Hemisphere, the spring or vernal equinox occurs in late March when the sun moves north across the celestial equator.

The term equinox derives from Latin, literally meaning “equal night.” On the equinox, which occurs twice a year in March and September, there is roughly the same number of hours in the day and night throughout the entire world.

This year Spring will arrive at 5:37am on Saturday, March 20. It’s easy to see why people want to celebrate the coming of Spring; the ice and snow of winter are coming to an end, and glorious warm silky sunshine is on the way!

Spring is a season of new beginnings; plants and flowers sprout and bloom, trees grow and reproduce, animals awaken, ice melts, the days grow warmer and longer, and the earth comes to life again.


Spring Break vacation schedules vary from school to school but generally occur sometime in March or April and often coincide with Easter. This year Easter falls on April 4. In Costa Rica, “Semana Santa” (week of the Saint) is celebrated the week preceding Easter and culminates on Easter Sunday (March 28-April 4). This is a huge Costa Rica holiday, and everyone countrywide closes up shop and heads to the beaches. I was in San Jose one year over the Easter weekend; it was a surreal ghost town – no cars, busses, or people anywhere.

Nosara, Costa Rica, is an ideal location to enjoy a week off from school with the family. The surf certainly does not disappoint, with the Southern Hemisphere wave machine coming to life generating consistent south swells. Activities for the whole family abound, like kayaking, horseback riding,

ATV adventure tours, kids camp, surf lessons, yoga for all ages and levels, fishing, turtle tours, rain forest hikes, and zip-lining.

Top it all off with a daily cold “agua de pipa” (coconut water) and sampling the fare at some of Nosara’s abundant selection of fantastic restaurants. It will be a Spring Break vacation to remember.

We look forward to your visit – Hasta Pronto!!!


kids at the waterfall
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