October 29, 2020

Family Travels in Costa Rica

By Peter "abuelito" Lewis

What was your fondest family vacation memory ever? I remember a trip to the Bahamas with my wife, daughter, mom, dad, and brother. We rented a little beach cottage in Elbow Cay that included a boat, which was needed to ferry us across a large bay from the main island to our out-island destination.

My mom created a meal plan for each day, and carefully packed boxes of provisions, which we somehow got onto the little boat and to the cottage kitchen.

My brother flew in from Texas loaded down with fine wines. Of course, there were surfboards, boogie boards, fishing equipment, suitcases, etc. How we were not stopped and fined by the Coast Guard is a miracle.

Once we got to the cottage, we settled in, ready for fun. Then the rain started! Luckily, we had plenty of board games, food (and wine), and an unforgettable family experience unfolded. We had brought along a sketchbook, which became an album of cartoons, poetry, drawings, and stories that everyone contributed to.

To this day, that trip is a treasured memory brought to life by revisiting the album. Then we discovered Costa Rica….

You will encounter many clever and profound descriptive phrases when researching the Costa Rica: ‘The Switzerland of the Americas,’ ‘more teachers than policemen,’ and of course the widely known “Pura Vida.” Costa Ricans (Ticos) are very warm, friendly, and fun-loving people who love to laugh, dance, and socialize.

They adore children and are fiercely proud of their families. They will open up their homes and share their way of life with you. It is in their nature; this is PURA VIDA! which is so much more than a phrase.

Pura Vida is ingrained in their customs and lifestyle. Costa Ricans use the term to say hello and goodbye and as an expression of a positive, happy attitude of gratitude for the simple but full way of life they live.

Costa Rica is unquestionably a destination to enjoy and share as a family. It is an opportunity to engage in a unique, enriching culture that celebrates togetherness with every breathtaking adventure.

Where else can you go where you can experience amazing beauty, beautiful surf, a thriving wellness culture, AND an uplifting attitude adjustment! If within a couple of days of your visit you find yourself saying ‘Pura Vida,’ then you’ll know it is real and it will last a lifetime.

At Olas Verdes, we have made close connections with families across the world. Many return year after year, and we watch their kids grow up this way.

Letters and gifts are exchanged over the years, and the true meaning of ‘extended family” comes to life. There are many ways we can connect you with Costa Rican culture on your vacation.

We can set up tours to remote coastlines, coffee farms, and secret waterfalls. We have arranged cooking classes, language studies, Tico home visits, and even Salsa dancing for our valued guests.

A family trip to Costa Rica is guaranteed to provide sweet memories for a lifetime. We cannot wait to meet you, and don’t forget your camera…

Abuelito and granddaughter
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