July 27, 2020

6 Great activities for your kids during a family vacation in Nosara

One of the most common mistakes while planning a family vacation in Nosara is not scheduling activities for the small ones. Sure, they will love the beach, the waves and everything else Nosara has to offer, but arranging activities help them to get to know the culture while making friends and memories at the same time.

Here are five great suggestions for kids’ activities during your family vacation in Nosara:

Mini Golf

While enjoying the Olas Verdes’ experience, ask for directions to Café de Paris.  They have a mini-golf course to spend the afternoon with the kids. The golf course has 18 holes, and it will ensure you have a great time. It also has a playground and a pool.

Nosara Day Camp for kids

The day camp for kids is a beautiful idea. The activities include surfing, snorkeling, games on the beach, and community projects. This is another way your kids meet other kids from around the globe. It will give them once in lifetime experiences. https://nosaradaycamp.com/

Beach Buddies

One of the best experiences for kids to meet other kids is to try to learn Spanish. Beach Buddies arrange art classes, sports, and Spanish classes.  It goes from the ages of 4 to 12 and from 9 am to 4 pm. It also helps you relax while your kids are having fun at the same time.

Nosara Yoga

Talking about relaxing; there isn’t anything like yoga in the morning a few inches away from the beach. It’s an activity for the whole family, and if you share it with your kids, it will help them have a good time while doing something new. Yoga is a workout for the mind and the body. It is excellent for grownups and kids.


When visitors stay at Olas Verdes, we usually encourage them to do something different during their family vacation in Nosara. Many can’t help to take boxing classes at the Enchanted Forest gym. Most of them are so busy during their everyday life; they can’t make it happen. But when people come to Nosara, they are willing to try everything.  The kids will enjoy it as much as the grownups. It’s a challenging activity for the entire family.


Last but not least, the mother of all Nosara activities. I can’t finish without mentioning surfing in Nosara. It’s the best activity to do here, and the kids will love it. There are a many surf schools around ready to help you and your kids get on the surfboard for the first time. We highly recommend Safari Surf School.

Book now at Olas Verdes Hotel to have an enjoyable stay in Nosara. Spend your family vacation in a magical place. We are looking forward to your visit.

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