November 18, 2020

Nosara’s Hidden Nature Gems

By Peter "abuelito" Lewis

It is remarkable to consider how many people cite ‘surfing’ as the reason they moved to Nosara – I am one of them! Imagine selling everything you own to move to a foreign country because of good surf; wow, that’s passion.

Surfing is magical to be sure, but it is the tip of the iceberg when shared with the plethora of natural treasures that abound in the region.

Considering that the entire Nicoya Peninsula was essentially still undiscovered until the early 1970’s, the whole expanse is truly a virgin and untrodden wonderland, ripe for discovery and exploration.

As tourism began to gain momentum in the vicinity, tour companies opened for business promoting kayaking, fishing, quad tours, horseback riding, nature walks, etc.

Surf Schools

Also exploded onto the scene. Before the pandemic I counted thirteen (19) surf schools in the Nosara area competing for waves and tourist dollars.

In some ways I feel that the ‘lockdown’ actually triggered a ‘correction’ of sorts – creating a pause in the almost reckless expansion and growth in development and tourism.

Many folks lamented that the town and surf lineup had become radically over crowded and intense, and that the sacred nature awareness and sensitivity that once was the reason we found Nosara so special, was becoming a thing of the past.

However, these past eight months have motivated mankind to reset our values and adjust our world view in positive new ways.

What I love about Olas Verdes is it’s “boutique” capability to customize tours and create individual itineraries depending on the guests’ interests.

Our connections with local guides allows us to improvise. For example, a standard “horseback tour” can be customized to include a beach sunset with a stop at a popular waterfront eatery for “bocas” (appetizers) and drinks.

One of our horseback guides has connections with the areas largest mango orchard, and has created a wonderful (in season) educational tour exploring the groves by horseback, and of course sending guests home with bags teaming with plump, delicious mangoes.

ATV tours have become very popular and can be customized to include exploration of remote beaches, waterfalls, secret surf spots, wildlife spotting excursions, snorkeling tours, and even “shrimping” in hidden rivers.

Fishing packages of all types can be arranged, from half and full day trips on fully equipped fishing yachts, to one-on-one guided angling experiences to secluded fishing haunts with legendary local salts.

Kayaking the mangrove tunnels at ‘La Boca” is highly recommended as a birder’s paradise. The Nosara Refuge for Wildlife is a working rescue center for Howler Monkeys and other species and is a great family experience not to be missed.

When you are “surfed out” and ready for some fresh, new adventures, by all means inquire at reception for these and other fantastic excursions!

Howler monkey in Nosara
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