October 25, 2022

Restaurants near me in Guiones

Restaurants in Nosara. When I travel, I like to walk to restaurants near me to get a feeling for the town and to find other fun places to visit during my family vacation.

Walking around town is a highly recommended experience. It is an excellent opportunity to meet people, enjoy the Nosara vibe, stretch your legs and avoid parking hassles. It is also the best way to find those magical hidden eateries that don’t appear in a Google search or have an online presence, like the traditional Costa Rican “soda” or restaurant.

Playa Guiones in Nosara is particularly enjoyable for walking or riding a bicycle because you get to hear and see birds and monkeys that literally hang around. There are also the little shops, crafts from street artisans, and the casual “pipa” (coconut water) vendor.

While in Playa Guiones, you can walk from South Guiones near Bakers Beach, the public entrance in the K section, to the main street and continue to North Guiones in less than 20 minutes. There are also shortcuts you can take through the NCA’s jungle paths.

If you are staying in South Guiones (K section) or near the main street in Playa Guiones, some recommended restaurants are El Manglar at Olas Verdes HotelAl ChileLa VentanaCafé de Paris, the restaurant at Bodhi Tree Hotel, and Olo Alaia Cafe. You can also check nosara.com for more options.

For the really hungry, it is best to check the restaurant hours since some restaurants are open only during certain times, and not all are year-round; others close on different days of the week. The concierge at your hotel or your vacation rental company will be happy to assist you and make your reservations.

Playa Guiones restaurants are known for their wide variety and styles. Costa Rican, Thai, Japanese, Mediterranean, vegan, burgers, pizzas, seafood, steaks, fusion, and other international dishes are all available. Beverage options are also diverse and distinctive.

All restaurants take cash, but when paying with dollars, it is a good idea to ask for their exchange rate. In most restaurants, you can pay with a credit card as well. In Costa Rica, there is a 13% value-added tax plus a 10% service charge for the servers. When checking menu prices, make sure that all taxes are included (it is the law), otherwise, you might be surprised by the additional 23% on your bill. When receiving extraordinary service, it is customary to leave an extra tip.

I hope you enjoy your walk and fare at the restaurants near you while you get to know the town and people from Playa Guiones in Nosara.

A restaurant near me in Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica
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