March 27, 2023

Where can I stay while building/remodeling my Nosara home?

Hotels in Nosara: Make Olas Verdes your transitional home and start enjoying Nosara now.

Nosara has become a very appealing destination for those seeking a community that cares about conservation and cares about wildlife and their habitats.  Therefore, is not a surprise to see some of our guests making the decision to buy a house in Nosara or acquire a property and plan to build their dream vacation home.

In anticipation to enjoy their new home they have to do several trips to Nosara and that can become costly if you consider how slow the construction and remodeling process goes in Nosara.  No matter what your architect, engineer, project manager and contractor tell you, it is going to take a lot more time, especially due to tortuous permitting road.

With that in mind, you need to plan well where is going to be your headquarters during your construction and business mode time.  High speed wi-fi for starters, plus back systems (power and water), to minimize risk.  All suites have a comfortable living room for those meetings that include reviewing oversized printed plans or spending an afternoon going over material shopping and budgets.

Wouldn’t it be great if that same place had an amazing restaurant (including room service), is right next to the beach, and is run by a committed and friendly team that really cares about your experience? After all, you are in Nosara, and you should be pampering yourself from time to time.  Grab a board, take a yoga lesson or a deserved massage.

With an ample and secure parking lot, the on-site ATV and side-by-side rental company, and the complimentary bicycles, transportation within Nosara is covered and easy. Your suite includes breakfast, and has a fridge, plates, toaster oven or microwave oven, coffee maker and other details to make your stay comfy and practical. Super bonus: Complimentary laundry service!

A last-minute meeting needing a restaurant reservation or printing some documents to be signed?  Olas Verdes’ concierge service is there for you, to take care of all the details and your needs from the moment you land at the airport, to the moment you head back to your other home.

Make Olas Verdes your transitional home and start enjoying Nosara now.

Please let us know about any other needs and when you might start your trips to Nosara:   WhatsApp + 506 8460-1111.

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