May 19, 2022

Where is Nosara located in Costa Rica?

Where is Nosara located ?

Nosara is a small town located in Guanacaste province, in Costa Rica.  It has about 10,000 inhabitants and it is in the Southern West Coast of the province, Pacific Ocean, between Tamarindo Beach and Mal Pais & Santa Teresa.

Closer to Nosara are Ostional (North of Nosara) and Playa Garza (South).  Nosara is also the name of the district that includes the beaches of Nosara, Pelada and Guiones, which are also part of the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge.  Because the first 200 meters of the coastline is a protected area, it has allowed the shoreline to stay almost untouched, adding scenic beauty while protecting the habitats of a rich variety of living creatures including the nests of sea turtles.

The actual town of Nosara is a 10-minute drive from Playa Guiones and Playa Pelada.

In terms of driving, Nosara is 2.5 hours away from Liberia’s International Airport (LIR), and about a 5-hour drive from San Jose’s International Airport (SJO). There is also a domestic airport right in the middle of Nosara town.  This domestic airport is 15 minutes away from most hotels and vacation homes.  There are three daily flights that connect Nosara to Liberia Airport and San Jose Airport.

For those that prefer driving, most hotels can arrange your ground transportation from anywhere in Costa Rica to Nosara and back.

Due to its location, bordering the Pacific Ocean, and relatively close to the equator, Nosara has a warm temperature year-round, and is divided in two seasons: dry and rainy.  The water is warm, allowing visitors to surf for hours every day, regardless of the time of the year.

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