April 26, 2022

Where to stay in Nosara, Costa Rica?

Wondering which is the best place to stay in Nosara in Costa Rica?

It all depends on what you are looking for and your lifestyle.

To get started, let’s clarify a couple of essential points:

  1. Nosara is a town that includes the tourist destinations of Playa Guiones and Playa Pelada, where most hotels and vacation rentals are located.
  2. The beaches of Guiones, Pelada, Nosara, and Ostional are part of the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge. The first 200 meters of coastline are a protected area, and buildings are not allowed.

With those 200 meters of protected coastline jungle, it is easier to understand why there are NO BEACHFRONT hotels.

Although some hotels are very close to the beach, they do not have an ocean view.

Oceanview vs Beach Hotels in Nosara

You will need to make this important decision when selecting a hotel or a vacation home in Nosara, Costa Rica, because the choice is directly related to the dynamics of your vacation and the time you will spend going from one point to another.

If you choose Ocean View, you will be in one of the surrounding hills behind Guiones and Pelada. From your hotel or rental home, you will be able to see the most amazing sunsets, have a cooler breeze with fewer bugs, and most likely be in a quiet area.

You have to consider that you will need transportation to go to restaurants, stores, and the beach, even if it looks like you are within walking distance on a map.

For those who choose to be closer to the beach, it is better to check where EXACTLY your vacation home or hotel is because of the layout of the towns of Guiones and Pelada. Some might be around 600 to 1200 meters to the beach.

It is wise to consider this if you plan to walk to the beach by yourself, with kids, or with an older family member.

Is there construction near my preferred place?

Construction or remodeling is almost assured near your vacation rental home or hotel. More people want to make this area their permanent residence or would like to have a more comfortable place; therefore, construction can start unannounced anytime near you.

Which is the best hotel in Nosara?

Some hotels will claim they are the best in Nosara, Guiones, or Pelada.

The truth is that about ten hotels in Nosara provide consistently good service, and you can check most of them online, in sites like TripAdvisor. Some cater to yogis, surfers, or healing services, and some simply offer lodging.

Most have a mix of families, solo travelers, nomads, and couples; the quantities change based on the season and school vacations. What might be the best hotel for you might not be the best for other travelers.

It is worth doing your homework and finding your perfect fit.

Need help deciding? At Olas Verdes Hotel, we will be more than happy to help you with this! 😊

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Surfing is a must in Nosara in Costa Rica
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