Book a Boutique hotel in Costa Rica and have a special kind of fun in Nosara

Nosara is one of the most fun places in Costa Rica. Wait, wait. It’s not that kind of fun you are accustomed seeing every time tourist hits the beach. This is something different. This is special and is only for the right people. So, if you are a looking for a one of a kind vacation lifestyle, we encourage you to book a boutique hotel in Costa Rica and get to Nosara to enroll in an exciting journey.

First thing first; if you are looking for a place where the hotels will put umbrellas in front of the beach while giving away drinks every time you ask, this is not the kind of place for you. There are plenty of resorts out there that can give you this. Nosara is for nature loving, peaceful people looking to get away from the shallow lifestyle for a few weeks and get immersed in Costa Rica’s culture.

The people coming to Nosara are mostly looking for boutique hotels in Costa Rica to rest and then explore what this piece of land has to offer.  Here are some fundamental questions that might help you paint a better picture:

What kind of people will I meet in Nosara?

We host lots of Yogis. Most yoga practitioners are looking to connect with nature, a healthy lifestyle, get away from the noise and look into inner self.  Kindness is one of their attributes.

Those who don’t do yoga can also practice surfing. Soul surfers come from all around the world looking for the friendly waves Nosara has to offer.

How are the roads in Nosara?

Nosara is well connected to nature. It is a full experience from start to bottom, and that includes bumpy dusty roads to get to this beautiful place.  And during rainy season, watch out for the pot holes!

Are there Boutique hotels in Costa Rica that can give me the Nosara experience?

Hotel Olas Verdes is among the best. What would you think we were going to say?

Olas Verdes is the right place to get some rest and those taking care of you are friendly and kind locals, authentic and skillful. They will give you all the tips for you to know and experience everything Nosara has. Book now at Olas Verdes Hotel.

Nosara is a unique piece of Costa Rica reserved for those with a singular kind of taste. We welcome those looking for something special.