Once you book one of the Costa Rica Boutique Hotels in Nosara, try this Costa Rican Food

When going on vacation, you have to break the routine. That’s the point of it. After settling for Olas Verdes, one of my favorite Costa Rica boutique hotels in Nosara, you need to go out there and try Costa Rican food, from start to finish.

Don’t try the well-known international cuisine; instead, get a little adventurous and try the local food; here are five dishes to look forward:

  1. Gallo Pinto. Break the diet with the most typical meal in Costa Rica’s breakfast menu. Rice and beans for breakfast? Of course; add to it plantain, egg, and bread or tortillas, and you will have one of the tastiest breakfast you have ever try.
  2. Chifrijo. You can get the chifrijo at almost any bar in Costa Rica, including most in Nosara. It has rice topped with black beans, fried pork bits, and pico de gallo (tomato salsa with onion, cilantro, and lemon), served with fresh tortilla chips. It’s fantastic, and you can find it at the nightlife in the hotels in Nosara.
  3. Casado. The word “Casado” means married in Spanish. This dish is the most traditional meal you can find in Nosara or any place in Costa Rica. It has white rice with a side of black beans, along with vegetables. The protein or main ingredient can be a fish fillet, grilled chicken, meat or pork chop. Your choice!
  4. Ceviche: I get that the Ceviche is originally from Peru, but the Tico version is pretty sweet. It’s light and refreshing fish mixed with diced red onion. It’s served with soda crackers, “patacones” or chips, and my personal choice goes with a beer.
  5. Coffee: You can’t come to Nosara, Costa Rica, without trying what might be one of the best coffees in the world. One cup of coffee before Yoga will do you so well.

Book your Nosara stay at Olas Verdes Hotel, this Costa Rica boutique hotel in Nosara has the best location to explore town and give it a try to Costa Rica’s food. It’s one of the best things you will enjoy in Nosara. Believe me.