Why Your Family Vacation in Nosara Is a Big Deal to Us

Families are very important to us at Olas Verdes Hotel. The more people deciding to have a family vacation in Nosara the better. You are probably saying to yourself: “of course, you want more guests,” but that’s not the reason. That’s not the reason at all.

See, we at Olas Verdes Hotel are not looking for massive visits from people all around the world. Instead, we want people who are looking for a fulfilling experience, where they will be able to meet and interact with real persons, authentic Costa Rican hosts; where they can walk barefoot and admire nature and the wildlife that surrounds us.  A place to learn about a different culture and share good moments.

We love when this kind of people choose to have their family vacation in Nosara Costa Rica. Families like yours and ours, eager to share time and experiences in one of the most beautiful and layback settings.

Nosara is a family destination by nature; starting by a simple and respectful lifestyle that is reciprocal and contagious; a healthy atmosphere inviting you to enjoy outdoor activities, like surfing, hiking and mountain biking, as well as the opportunity to practice yoga, Muay Thai, pilates and other body & mind disciplines.  Most activities are on daylight.  Gastronomic options are equally varied, and most restaurants use organic and freshly harvest local products, which have an amazing texture, color, smell and taste. We love the smoothies from fresh squeezed local fruits!

Surfing lessons for families and family yoga classes are among the most look after activities.

At Olas Verdes, we will ensure your family has the best time while visiting Nosara. We will treat you with respect and kindness and will guide you to all the amazing things this place has to offer. It goes from doing yoga and trying surfing for the first time, to getting to see all the wildlife.

For the little ones, the take-aways are the memories they create while being exposed to the “old world”, walking on dusty roads, playing in an unspoiled beach, joining the amazing excursions from Nosara Day Camp or trying one of the delicious locally made ice creams and gelatos.

A family vacation in Nosara is not complete until you do the Nosara Escape room, where your skills and family tights will be tested to the fullest

Nosara is a magical place filled with helpful people from all around the world. If you are looking for something different, safe, less crowded than most areas and unique in its style, this is the place for you. Contact us, so you and your family revisit one of the world’s most significant treasures: peace.

Get away from it all and enjoy a family vacation in Nosara Costa Rica!

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