Find Your Hotel in Nosara Costa Rica and then try the food in town

It doesn’t matter if you are striving to be an Anthony Bourdain impersonator tasting the local food or you simply like international cuisine. After you find your hotel in Nosara Costa Rica, it’s time to hit the road and seek for the best dishes available. People usually check’s first how to get to Nosara  and then start researching about the best restaurants in Nosara and surrounding areas.

When I travel, I like to give a try to the local food and taste the local flavors! I also understand this isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Let’s review a few cuisine options in Playa Guiones:

La Luna is a must, with it’s incredible view of the sunset over the ocean and a great atmosphere. It is located in Pelada Beach, just North of Playa Guiones. Make sure you have reservations as space is limited.

El Chivo Cantina is an underrated place. The Mexican food is exceptional. It is as good as any place in California or Mexico. They also have live music, Taco Tuesday and kids’ movie night. It’s a great place for the family if you want to dine away from your Hotel in Nosara Costa Rica.

Burger and beers is another interesting place. The vibe is excellent, and they’ve got a nice collection of local craft brews. The burgers are enormous and delicious. World class. There is also a killer veggie burger.

If the local cuisine is your thing “ala” Anthony Bourdain, then Rosi’s Soda Tica will give you just that. The Olas Verdes’ Experience won’t be complete if you don’t try a local restaurant. Their seafood is always fresh and often are served delicious sauces made from local ingredients. It’s highly recommended by locals as the true flavor of Costa Rica.

If you are into a more bohemian place, La Casa is for you. It has a mystical outdoor setting with pillows and bean bags, carpets and some chairs. It gives you an extraordinary vibe for family night or a date. It’s complemented by delicious dishes, vibrant music, and fantastic service.

Italian might be what you are looking for so try Cafe Fiore. We get questions when visitors reach our hotel in Nosara Costa Rica, Olas Verdes. Other place where they offer freshly made pasta, sauces to die for are Il Pepperoni and Il Basilico, which have reasonable prices.

Nosara is an exceptional place for unique people. But like great places, the food and the lodging could either make you extremely happy or have a not so good experience. If you want peace and comfort, Olas Verdes Hotel is the right place for you in Nosara. Book now and live the Nosara experience to the fullest.

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