Find a Sweet Hotel Nosara Costa Rica but Tour Outside

My friend Jenny lives in the states and is crazy about nature. When she found I’m an adopted “tico”, she decided to pay me a visit. The first thing I did was to find her a nice hotel in Nosara Costa Rica. Of course, there isn’t anybody better than Olas Verdes. The second thing I did was arranging a tour to see the wildlife. I knew this was what she was looking for and I couldn’t wait to see her face while visiting the Nosara Refuge for Wildlife.

Jenny lives in a big City in the United States. She usually mentions how she feels trap between concrete walls. But once she got to Nosara, Costa Rica, I could tell she has never been this happy.

It’s been a while since I took the Wildlife tour in Nosara, but it surely was an eye-opening. It’s such a beautiful job what they are doing there. The one thing that really got Jenny from her first visit was when she saw some volunteers cuddling baby monkeys who have no mother. She had no idea this was a part of their daily tasks. I did because I have lived in Nosara for the past 5-years, but for many outsides seeing how the “Ticos” care about their animals, is a wonderful experience.

The people from the Nosara Wildlife refuge were terrific. They show us monkeys of all ages, birds, squirrels, possums, and even raccoons. They asked Jenny at which hotel Nosara Costa Rica she was staying. Before she could answer they recommended Olas Verdes, which was pretty cool.


Jenny was in Costa Rica for only four days. We had to make every day count. So she wanted to see the sea turtles nesting. We drove to Ostional Wildlife Refuge, which is about 20 minutes away from Nosara. It is one of the most important nesting sites in Costa Rica and the world. Some nights they have counted over 5000 turtles! We got there at 5pm and waited for the turtles to arrive. They started getting to the shore at about 7pm. It was a tremendous sightseeing. I can’t tell you how happy Jenny was.


After it, we went for dinner and then back to her hotel Nosara Costa Rica Olas Verdes. I took Jenny to Safari Surf School the next day, and we also did some horseback riding before she went back to the States.


I found two things about that weekend. My friend fell in love with Costa Rica… and so did I. Contact Olas Verdes Hotels and have a wonderful visit to one of the best places in Costa Rica: Nosara.