Four World Class Nosara surfing breaks you need to Try

What Nosara brings to the table is a cool vibe, beautiful people and four excellent surfing breaks you need to try.  It’s all about the Nosara surfing experience. If you a surfer looking for sweet and new spots all around the world, this is the place to be.

Costa Rica is a surfing Paradise. Finding surfers from all over the globe is common, but only the lucky ones find Nosara’s point break. See, Nosara is not the regular filled with partying tourist kind of place. You won’t see hundreds of people crowding the beach. Only the ones who did their research are able to find this beautiful land. That’s why when the surfing juggernauts find it, they make sure to come back at least once a year. Find how to get to Nosara and give these breaks a shot.

Playa Guiones:

Playa Guiones is a white-sand heavenly treasure and the most popular Nosara surfing spot. What makes it so cool is the consistency of the wave. It’s a perfect spot for both beginners and experts because its form remains the same throughout the year.

When big swells hit, the surf spot is quite fun making the waves a nice challenge, even for the most experienced surfers. Playa Guiones is well-known as a ‘swell magnet,’ which should tell you why this is everybody’s favorite spot.

Playa Marbella:

Marbella beach is a pro surfing spot. There are several places where they will teach you how do learn some Nosara surfing, but the break is definitely more for the experienced surfers.

People from all around the world come to Nosara and find Marbella beach the right place to have a surfing camp for days. The beach is hardly ever crowded, and it catches a swell from the Northwest. Marbella is the perfect chance to grab a rocky reef break with a solid wave.

Playa Ostional:

Known as a nesting beach for Olive Ridley Sea Turtles, Ostional beach is made for any type of surfer. The waves give visitors both rights and lefts over a sandy bottom, but it depends mostly on the direction of the swell.

Experienced surfers say the best months to hit the waves are between December and March. Another good thing about it is this beach is never crowded.

Playa La Barra Garza:

La Barra Garza beach is not really a surfing spot per se. It’s a quiet place visitors use to relax when they come to Costa Rica. It’s not well-known even by the locals, but it has several palm trees making the experience one of a kind.

The rumor around Nosara surfing experts is that the north ends of the bay will give unexpected great waves when the swell is two feet overhead.

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