Hit the reset button for a family vacation in Nosara

Need to hit the reset button from the routine? It’s time to enjoy family time and at Olas Verdes Hotel, we are a great choice for your family vacation in Nosara. We know we are different, and we love it! If you are tired of cookie-cutter resorts and destinations, are looking for authentic experiences while immersing in the local culture, Nosara in Costa Rica might be the place. This little cattle and fishing coastal town still have the old Guanacaste charming.


For those seeking for a different vibe and explore what the authentic Costa Rica rural areas and nature has to offer, Nosara is among the best options for you and your family.

At Olas Verdes most guests are trying to have a peaceful time away from their daily routines but eager to experience what the town has to offer. It is clear, Nosara is not a party destination; instead, we offer quietness, peace, and a great vibe while reconnecting with yourself and the simple life. Your family vacation in Nosara can be a great time to hit a reset button before going back to work or school. It’s a great opportunity to rest the body, the mind, and the soul.

Ways to rest your body?

By doing outdoor activities far from the ordinary, your body will have the opportunity to gain energy.  One great way to do so is by taking surfing lessons in Nosara.  With consistent swells year round and a friendly wave with sandy bottom, Nosara is an exceptional destination to take surf lessons. We highly recommend Safari Surf School, our on-site surfing school, which features certified ISA instructors that are ready to provide surf instruction for you and your family.

Ways to rest your soul?

Olas Verdes offers daily Yoga classes and are a perfect to get into a deep relaxation mood.  For families vacationing in Nosara, private Yoga lessons are also available. Connecting your soul and body in this natural and peaceful setting is a whole new experience.  Our experienced yoga instructors will guide you in this journey while listening to the waves, birds and other creatures of the forest.

Ways to rest your mind?

Nosara beach will help you disconnect from your everyday concerns. The friendly people and the dusty streets of Nosara will bring back memories of your simple life when you were a kid and remind you of the little important details in life, like sharing moments and laughter.   Visit Nosara to have a taste of a unique place in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, together with your love ones. Book now at Hotel Olas Verdes and hit a reset button!