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We are a Hotel in Nosara Costa Rica. 

Nosara is not just a destination – It’s a mindset. This once clear-cut farming region has been fully restored to its original state with forest lands along the coastline and surrounding mountains. Starting in the 1970’s, conservative tourism growth created the demand for reforestation and conservation initiatives driven by locals, expats, and Costa Rica’s environmental agency, MINAE. Nosara’s community banded together to form the Nosara Civic Association and took a stand to make sure the area would not be spoiled by unsustainable tourism growth like other areas of Costa Rica. As a result, Playa Guiones is now part of the Ostional-Nosara National Wildlife Refuge.

Unpaved roads still bring you back in time to simple coastal living. This serene beach town is a world class surfing destination with Playa Guiones featuring 4 miles of beach break that catches any swell direction year-round. A flourishing wellness community of local artists, organic farmers, and a wide array of renowned yoga studios call Nosara home. Combine all this with an abundance of adventure and ecotourism activities and the rest is clear—Nosara begs you to get back to nature.

Craving comida? Sample a diverse range of cuisine from fresh seafood to creative vegetarian dishes, family style BBQ’s, or Costa Rican craft beer, spirits, and wine from any of the many restaurants in town. If you don’t feel like venturing far from your room, Olas Verdes’ restaurant, El Manglar, serves your favorite Tico or fusion dish with fresh herbs and vegetables from local farms.


Feel good about getting away.

By continuously improving its sustainable best practices, Olas Verdes has been consistently operating with minimum impact and a reduced carbon foot print.

When planning your visit to Nosara, consider joining our efforts together with Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase and take supplies for the projects we support in need, you’ll make a priceless impact in the lives of our local children and families.

Please click here to see what supplies are needed for our project.

Pack for a Purpose

A stay at Olas Verdes is a guarantee that your trip is contributing to community development programs and to the preservation of the local environment, from animal rescue centers and environmental non-profit organizations to our adopted public local school in Las Delicias. See how our hotel has integrated sustainable practices from the ground up—literally.



Water conservation is of utmost priority in drought-stricken Nosara. That’s why we have 14,000 liters of rainwater storage, ultra-efficient water fixtures, and greywater treatment and recycling for irrigation. The benefits of these operations are reflected in our monthly water consumption which is one third of other hotels with similar capacity and occupation.



On average, 94% of Costa Rica’s energy supply is from renewables. Our solar PV and hot water systems provide over 35% of our annual energy demand to keep Olas Verdes powered by almost 100% clean energy and entirely depending on our solar generation during the peak sunny hours.



From design, to development, to operation of the hotel, Olas Verdes employs only locals—from gardener, to general manager. Construction materials were locally sourced and local artists created our murals and authentic décor. By using local contractors, we also help retaining the community talent.



We strive to be a zero-waste hotel. Procurement practices include refusing over-packaging and preference for local products. All yard and some kitchen waste is composted on site, food leftovers are sent to a local pig farm, recyclables are separated and sent to the Nosara Recycling Center, and our biodegradable cleaning and bathroom products are refilled by vendors.



The hotel grounds blend into the wildlife refuge thanks to our exclusive use of 100% native vegetation with over 130 different species. Native plants require little water, no toxic fertilizers or herbicides, they mitigate erosion and are the optimum habitat for the native fauna. The lush gardens keep the temperature lower, reduce noise and have attracted new species of birds that were hard to see before.



We are so fortunate to be in a rich biodiverse region. To help preserve it, we saved 90% of the trees on our property and we support the Costas Verdes BarriGuiones Reforestation Project at Playa Guiones. Additionally, Olas Verdes shares its plant catalog with new residents as an incentive to grow only native gardens in all local homes.



Being immersed in a new culture is a catalyst for wanderlust. Our suites inspire you to explore indigenous cultures and the pura vida nation with decor from five regions of Costa Rica. All decorating items were acquired directly from the local artist (in each region) at fair trade prices.



Our local architect utilized passive solar design to minimize the hotel’s energy loads as much as possible. Natural ventilation, shading, and spatial orientation keep you cool while our efficient lighting and appliances keep you comfortable. Olas Verdes was awarded Platinum level on its LEED certification.


Experience culture, sanctuary, and pura vida at our sustainable boutique beach hotel in Nosara. First LEED Platinum Hotel in Costa Rica. Member of Adventure Hotels of Costa Rica.
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