How About the Food in Nosara?

Since I decided to move to Nosara beach Costa Rica a few years ago, there are three things I felt there were always at the tip of my fingers. The Nosara Surfing is number one. The Yoga Life comes second, and the incredible amount of great restaurants and tasty food in Nosara comes third.

I’m a local now and still hit several spots that bring the best taste to the customer. I like going to different places with my wife every other weekend to relax and have fun. We decided to visit each restaurant as big or small as you can imagine. The goal was to try each and everyone’s idea of a tasty meal. So believe me when I tell you, there is plenty to choose from.

If you are coming for a family vacation in Nosara, the foundation of your trip would be to have a good time. The food and the drinking need to be part of the mix, for sure.

So let’s start with this. There aren’t many places in the World which can combine the beauty of nature with the profitable ideas of the people. Nosara is one of them, and they are proud of following the line of nature. Here you can find:

  • Naked Foods Plant Based Café
  • Natural Juice Bars
  • All Vegetarian Food
  • And a Naked food store.

If you are looking for something less natural and a little more comfortable, there are plenty of options as well. Close to the Hotel Olas Verdes, you should find different restaurants to pick from. There is variety on:

  • International Food (including Italian, Turkish, Mediterranean, and Mexican)
  • Bagel houses
  • Seafood
  • Burgers and beer

The great thing about choosing boutique hotels Costa Rica is close to each, there is either a Deli or a local Costa Rican soda. The Costa Rican food is one of the most underrated types of food in the world. See, the Ticos usually don’t leave their country, and why should they? So their food is not internationally recognized as one of the best. Take my word for it, after you set up on your family friendly hotels in Nosara, take a quick trip to a Costa Rican soda, it will blow your mind.

Remember, Nosara beach has it all.