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Why Your Family Vacation in Nosara Is a Big Deal to Us

Jun 14
Families are very important to us at Olas Verdes Hotel. The more people deciding to have a family vacation in Nosara the better. You are

How to get rid of Gmelina trees and how a sustainable hotel opened my eyes

Jun 04
The Gmelina tree or Melina tree (Gmelina arborea) is originally from India and some forests in Asia. It was introduced in Costa Rica on late

Spot the wildlife at Nosara beach Costa Rica

May 30
Looking for meaningful activities in Nosara beach Costa Rica? At Olas Verdes Hotel one of the best recommendations is to visit the Nosara Refuge for

Book a Boutique hotel in Costa Rica and have a special kind of fun in Nosara

May 19
Nosara is one of the most fun places in Costa Rica. Wait, wait. It’s not that kind of fun you are accustomed seeing every time

5 Useful Travel Tips That Can Be Applied to Your Vacation in Nosara

May 15
Halfway down Central America’s Pacific Coast is a sleepy village surrounded by lush jungles and virgin beaches. Nosara in the province of Guanacaste is quickly
How to get to Nosara Costa Rica

Hit the reset button for a family vacation in Nosara

May 06
Need to hit the reset button from the routine? It’s time to enjoy family time and at Olas Verdes Hotel, we are a great choice

Why Nosara Yoga is the best kind of Yoga

Apr 28
We know why you are searching for Nosara beach Costa Rica. We understand why you are considering visiting our town. We know what you are

Take the challenge at the Escape Room during Your Family Vacation in Nosara

Mar 26
You probably heard this by now, but we have an Escape Room in Nosara since December. I hadn’t been able to go until this past
What’s new in Nosara – Restaurat El Manglar

What’s new in Nosara? – Restaurant El Manglar

Feb 23
These two hardworking women deeply appreciate the trust placed in them by their foreign friends, who have seen them grow as professionals and who also

“Semana Santa” at Nosara Beach Costa Rica

Feb 23
If you are outside Costa Rica you might not know this, but “Semana Santa” (Easter Week) is a big deal around here. What is it,