5 Reasons to take a Family Vacation in Nosara after Christmas

Jan 12
Maybe you don’t like crowds. If so, here’s a little secret. Most people in Costa Rica are back to work after the Holidays, and the

Spending the Holidays in Nosara

Dec 18
The Holidays are coming and the high season is upon us. It’s great for business here in Nosara beach, but beyond that, it’s a great

Nosara Tells You To Check Out its Art

Dec 04
If you have been following my blog at Olas Verdes, you know I’m trying to see new things here at Nosara. I’ve been living here for a while, and

My First Bike Tour in Nosara

Nov 14
I consider myself a healthy person. Andrea and I try to live a good life at Nosara beach Costa Rica. We own a Costa Rican

Let Me Tell You About The Holidays In Nosara

Nov 05
We are two months away from the Holidays -or perhaps fewer-, depending on where you are when are you reading this. Yeah, it’s that time

Choose a Surf Hotel for The Entire Nosara Surfing Experience

Oct 03
Remember I told you Andrea’s parent came to Nosara Costa Rica looking to have some fun? While they did some Yoga and some sports fishing,

Sport Fishing In Nosara

Sep 20
Sport Fishing In Nosara When my in-laws were in town, I made an effort for them to have a great time. The Nosara beach Costa
guiones beach costa rica

Nosara Welcomed My In Laws with Open Arms

Aug 28
Since I moved to Nosara beach Costa Rica five years, my in laws have visited us twice. The first time Andrea’s parent were coming, they
Free Surf Lesson & Free Yoga Lesson in August

All Kinds of Surfing Experiences in Nosara

Aug 14
So my pal James dropped by Nosara Beach Costa Rica for a couple of weeks. He stayed in my place with wife Andrea and me.
nosara beach costa rica

3 Costa Rican Dishes You Need to Try In Nosara

Aug 14
Plenty of friends and strangers always asked me: “Yo, Dave, how do you do with the food there? Is Costa Rican food any good?” What