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How About the Food in Nosara?

Since I decided to move to Nosara beach Costa Rica a few years ago, there are three things I felt there were always at the

Open Your Mind to Some Yoga in a Costa Rican Paradise

Raise your hand if you have done Yoga before? Now raise your hand if you have really, really done Yoga? What’s the difference? Well, the

Nosara Yoga institute

Nosara Grabs and It Never Let’s go

I became a local of the Nosara Beach Costa Rica about five years ago. I’m’ Dave, by the way, and I’m here to tell you

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Playa Guiones In Nosara, Where Surfing Happens

You either come to Costa Rica as a surfer, or you leave thinking you’ll come back as one. There is no other way around. Nosara

costa rica boutique hotels

A Nosara Honeymoon To Never Forget

Let me tell you a little secret. For most women their wedding day is the best days of their life; at least top-3, if we

New video of Nosara Costa Rica by Wall Street Journal

Here we share an excellent video made by the Wall Street Journal, which explains the development of the area of Nosara in Guanacaste, and how

LEED Platinum Hotel in Costa Rica Olas Verdes

LEED Platinum Hotel in Costa Rica: Olas Verdes

Olas Verdes, a Costa Rican boutique hotel in Playa Guiones, Nosara,has been awarded the highest designation for the international sustainable design and construction standard, LEED®(Leadership

What to do in Nosara Costa Rica

What to do in Nosara?

Are you visiting Playa Guiones and looking for fun activities in the Nosara area? Trip Advisor ranks Nosara as one of the top 10 beaches

How to get to Nosara Costa Rica

How to get to Nosara, Costa Rica

Nosara is a charming little beach community located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, renowned for its laid back and healthy lifestyle, consistent surf in its beautiful

costa rica boutique hotels

Surfing in Nosara Guanacaste

Friendly, long waves, left and rights, warm crystalline waters, and offshore winds topped by a lush jungle along the unspoiled, beautiful, soft sand shoreline, is