Playa Guiones In Nosara, Where Surfing Happens

You either come to Costa Rica as a surfer, or you leave thinking you’ll come back as one. There is no other way around. Nosara Beach Costa Rica knows how to bring all the charm to the new visitors and keep the mystique with the regular.

See, Costa Rica hosts 2 Million tourists per year. 400k of those are tourist are looking for a surfing spot to experience the wildlife of surfing. You either are a wave rider looking for a Costa Rica surf hotel, or you”ll become one in the process.

Guiones beach Costa Rica is THE spot for surfing in Central America. There is a mystique in this place that combines history and the natural world at one point. The people in Nosara have tried to keep this place hidden from largest crowds. It’s their little heaven on earth type of spot. But the word has been coming around between surfers all around the world.

Aspiring riders travel from all places to hit this spot. The main attraction in Nosara is Playa Guiones or Guiones beach if we are going to get all technical. Their wave is one of the best on the planet. Surfers can hit all type of moves, including tube riding. Realize, tube riding looks amazing in photos, but it’s not possible to make in all the beaches. It needs the right swell to make it happen.Playa Guiones has it on an everyday basis.

Now, let’s say you don’t know anything about surfing but you are open minded to learn. After all the Costa Rica boutique hotels you are googling all tell you to give it a try. Then, you are at the right place. You can find at least 25 to 30 Nosara surf schools. It goes from local teachers to Americans who decided they don’t need to be in any other place in the world.

Book at the Hotel Olas Verdes now and enjoy a high-class surfing experience while doing a family vacation in Nosara. This is a spot you don’t want to miss.