“Semana Santa” at Nosara Beach Costa Rica

If you are outside Costa Rica you might not know this, but “Semana Santa” (Easter Week) is a big deal around here. What is it, you asked? It’s a vacation week for the Ticos and Guanacaste, including Nosara beach Costa Rica it’s one of the favorite places to visit. And this year, Easter will be from March 25th to March 31st.

I’m telling you this so you can book at Olas Verdes Hotel right now and don’t miss the chance to be in the best Nosara Hotel. But, if you don’t like crowds, my best advice for you is to book your vacation either one week before or one week after “Semana Santa”.

So what is there to do at Nosara Beach Costa Rica during Holy Week? I’m glad you ask!

Unlike any other side in Costa Rica, Nosara has everything you want in a vacation destination. It’s a place where hotels and restaurants are in second place. The number one thing here is the green areas, the birds and monkeys, and the beaches. So the landscape is beautiful from head to toe. Here are a few things you definitely should do.

1. Surfing. You cannot come to Nosara Beach Costa Rica and don’t try the waves here. Nosara is one of the best-hidden surfing spots in all Central America. For anybody who comes here, surfing is a must. There’s a surfing school at Olas Verdes too.

2. Yoga. Nosara is a peaceful place. There isn’t a better way to start your day than with a Yoga session early in the morning. There are several of spots around here where you can get your morning Yoga workout.

3. Watch the wildlife. When you think Costa Rica, you think about animals and green life. Nosara has a beautiful Wildlife Refuge where you can see monkeys, squirrels, large variety of birds, and even some snakes.

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