Spot the wildlife at Nosara beach Costa Rica

Looking for meaningful activities in Nosara beach Costa Rica? At Olas Verdes Hotel one of the best recommendations is to visit the Nosara Refuge for Wildlife. It’s a bulletproof recommendation because it is what Nosara is known for: nature and wildlife.

See, people coming to Nosara beach Costa Rica are often looking for surfing, yoga, and nature. They come ready to live a different experience from what they are used to, and the Nosara Refuge for Wildlife helps them get to better understand the importance of considering the impact in nature of human actions.

The amazing thing is that the refuge is run by volunteers, so all donations go straight to the wildlife welfare.  In Nosara’s forests and mountain abound species of birds, mammals, insects and other living creatures that found shelter in the huge variety of trees and plants.

Of course, monkeys always steal the show. You will see plenty of them, mainly howler monkeys, just hanging around the trees and close to the beach. Fortunately, most visitors around here understand the importance of not feeding animals or harm their habitat, and that’s a great thing. After taking a few pictures, they walk away with a big smile.

Whenever an animal is injured for any reason, the Refuge for Wildlife in Nosara will rescue the animal, rehabilitate it and then release it when healthy. It’s a beautiful process that started back in 1999.

At the Nosara Refuge for Wildlife, visitors might be able to see birds including, parrots, toucans, hawks, owls, pelicans, doves, vultures, as well as margays, squirrels, porcupines, opossums, “pizotes,” raccoons, snakes and bats.

The great news is they have an Emergency Response Team supporting Nosara beach Costa Rica to help the animals in need. These animals usually get injured by high-voltage electrocutions, cars, and attacks from other wildlife or domestic pets. Rather than leave them there, the Response Team has the equipment to assist and take care of the animals at the clinic.

We encourage people coming to Olas Verdes Hotel to visit Nosara’s Refuge for Wildlife center. It’s a life-changing experience that will help you understand what Nosara and the Costa Rican kindness is all about. Book now at Hotel Olas Verdes and come live the Nosara experience. Hundreds of species will be waiting for you.

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