Take the challenge at the Escape Room during Your Family Vacation in Nosara

You probably heard this by now, but we have an Escape Room in Nosara since December. I hadn’t been able to go until this past weekend. I was expecting my brother Jim and his wife, Janey. So I took them to the escape room along with my wife Andrea to see if we can beat the challenge. They were looking for things to do during their family vacation in Nosara, and ‘boy did we strike gold!’

First, let me explain what you will find inside the room because it is a wonderful and challenging experience for the family. It’s mostly activity geared towards teenagers and adults where a team must try to accomplish a mission and escape in less than 60 minutes.

The scenarios and clues are so well thought out that you really need to think! It requires logic, observation, and problem-solving skills. It’s called the “The Treasure of Matambu,” and it’s about a young indigenous in Nosara Costa Rica, who married the sorcerer-king of Matambu.

Teams must be set between 2 to 6 players. The younger player ideally should be over 12-years old. But the most important thing, it is for English and Spanish speakers. We were all a bunch of newbies, but I can’t tell you how much fun it was. It has become a must-do during your family vacation in Nosara.

It took us 55 minutes to get all the clues and find the way to escape. To be fair, I told you we were all newbies. But anyways, this goes on my recommendation for the weekend. It has a $25 cost per player and is worth it.

Don’t tell Jim, who is very competitive but Janey and Andre were the best at it. My brother was looking for a regular vacation for his family while in Nosara, and it was highlighted by this new thing to do, right there in Nosara.

Afterward, we went to dinner and a relaxing time at the Olas Verdes Hotel and Restaurant. Believe me; the Escape Room is delightful. It’s perfect for families and for travelers looking for a new experience. When coming to Nosara most people tend to relax and recharge batteries, mostly, while the sun is up and to avoid the heat.  The Escape Room will fit right in as part of a mental liberating exercise.  Although it is air conditioned, you might sweat your way out 😊

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