What’s new in Nosara? – Restaurant El Manglar

These two hardworking women deeply appreciate the trust placed in them by their foreign friends, who have seen them grow as professionals and who also consider them part of their Nosara family.

What’s new in Nosara? – Restaurant El Manglar

The beginning

Maritza Sánchez and Alicia Matamoros met at the Harbor Reef Hotel fifteen years ago, Maritza worked in the kitchen and Alicia in the restaurant lounge.

A decade later both went to work at El Tucán Restaurant, where they continued to gain experience and improve their level of service. The quality of their work was noticed by the owners of this restaurant, who also have a surf school (Safari Surf School); they offered them work in their new business once El Tucán closed in 2013.

Maritza and Alicia took care of Safari’s clients for three seasons, they were in charge of preparing and serving breakfasts and dinners to the participants of the surf camps. They have always been known by a their warm service  and high quality food.

A great opportunity

Two years ago when the Olas Verdes Hotel opened its owners (who knew these two women from many years ago since they had participated in Safari Surf retreats), offered Maritza and Alicia to take charge of the hotel restaurant.

At first they thought that they were offered to work in the restaurant, but in actually they were offered to take care of the place, to manage the restaurant and assume all the responsibilities and risks that come with it.

It was an opportunity and it was also a challenge, they bravely decided to venture to be entrepreneurs. They knew that they should strive even harder to continue improving their level of service, to work very hard and to learn how to hire and manage personnel, learn administration, learn about gourmet food and social responsibility.

Grateful they support other women

These two hardworking women deeply appreciate the trust placed in them by their foreign friends, who have seen them grow as professionals and who also consider them part of their nosara family. This trust has been a motivation to meet expectations and demonstrate to themselves what they are capable of.

As administrators of El Manglar restaurant, they support the local economy by hiring and training local girls as cooks and waitresses. In addition, they buy most of the products they use in their dishes from local producers, such as chicken, eggs and various vegetables (greens), which are organic.

Maritza and Alicia are two women entrepreneurs who are an example for other women from Nosara, today they manage a successful business, responsible with nature and supporting community members giving work to twelve people.


El Manglar is characterized for offering local food presented in a gourmet and fresh way. They use tropical fruits to prepare sauces that accompany meats and seafood; for example the tamarind sauce that accompanies a chicken with mashed sweet potato and orange, or the reduction of red wine and passion fruit that accompanies a dish that comes with tenderloin and shrimp.

This week I went to lunch at Mangrove, the restaurant is open, almost outdoors, located under trees and surrounded by the protected jungle of Guiones. When you arrive, they welcome you with a smile and a greeting, and knowing that you come from the hot and dusty roads, they offer you a glass of fresh water that brings you back to life and makes you feel welcomed.

I invite you to visit El Manglar, I am sure that one of their dishes will surprise you.

What: El Manglar Restaurant

Where: Inside Olas Verdes Hotel

When: Monday to Sunday from 7am to 9pm

Contact: 2682 1133 -Correo: elmanglardelasamigas@gmail.com      facebook